Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I've been TAGGED!!!

Thanks Katie , I will get you back LOL!!!

1. If a movie was being made of your life who would you like to be cast to play yourself? And why?
I think (OMG this is hard)Cher , she would have to wear a blonde wig though LOL , why because she's got a great body (just like me , is that more peels of laughter i hear) she's a go getter and determined sort of person just like me again

2. You are spending a whole month on a desert island for charity and you have to choose your favourite celebrity to spend the first two weeks with & your least favourite celebrity to spend the second two weeks with, who would they be & why?

Fave would be Steve Tyler (Aerosmith), well you need someone to snuggle up to on a night.
Least fave would have to be Heather Mills she is so scheming and opinionated i dislike women like this

3. What are your three favourite crafting products?

Rubber stamps , couldn't do anything without them.
Stickles , well the black ,so handy for adding a tasteful glitter to an altered project
Basic Grey , i just love and use soooooo much

4. If you could invent something to do anything what do you think it would be?

I dont know about do anything but i wouldn't mind an invention that could give me a couple more hours each day

5. What are the last three books that you read?

A hat full of magic - Terry Pratchett
A crowded marriage - Catherine Alliott
Harry potter and the deathly hollow - J.K.Rowling

6. Qvc or create & Craft?

QVC if I must

7. Docrafts or Dovecraft or DCWV?

DCWV if I must again , not realy my style at all

8. What is your claim to fame?

Jeremy Irons nearly ran me and my best friend over in Stratford in the 1980's .He was driving his beetle we were on holiday.

I shall Tag........will get back to this bit

Sunday, April 20, 2008

More CJ entries

Another CJ entry that i have done for the stamp CJ. Can not remember who's it is , sorry. I'm getting a little confused as im in 2 stamp cj's with a lot of the same people.
Sunday today and already been up for 2 hours, Olivia woke at 5am , now her and Pete are in the garden putting my new vegetable boxes in and then this afternoon ican start planting. In the mean time i have a little High School Musical album to put together.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Easter Holidays

Last day of my Easter Holiday break today. We have had a week away in the caravan in the Wirral County Park.Lovely area but o so cold , caravan was fine as it has central heating , but the weather outside was very cold. Spent a day at Liverpool and did the Beatles story , Olivia realy enjoyed this.A day shopping in Chester and a visit to Tatton Park also.

Finally got round to making the holiday book from last October when Mum and Dad came with use to LEEK . So here are some pictures of the book I made for them to keep.I think for use I will make some scrapbook pages.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Quick Post

Just a quick post as im about to go away in the caravan for a few days. Just got back from a training course for BT , could have done without it but there you go, have to show willing.
Before i went i had time to make this lovely little dog , not my usual colours , even Pete mentioned that , but i do think it's rather cute.