Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Here are some "inchies" i got sent from a swap-bot.com swap i took part in

No posting for 2 weeks , bad blogger. Been sooooooo busy with Peter been away i dont function well around the house without him .But Livvy and i have coped LOL.
News well i sold my Craft Robo just couldn't get away with it and bought a Cricut Expressions , which i am rrealy pleased with.
Peter is home today so that's nice and im realy looking forward to it , only thing is im away this wekend at Gibside scrapbooking , not that i mind realy , loads and loads of scrapping will get done and a bit of chatting.
Have been taking part in lots of swaps on Swap-Bot.com so must upload some pictures of what i have been recieving

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The bike lessons

So im sure you all want to know how i am getting on. Well a couple of words will sum it up , lets start with CRAP , totally SHIT , and STRESSED.
The 1st lesson great up until the last 15 mins and i came off , sorry i PANICED and came of .So this week i had talked to myself and thought everything would be ok .Got there and went through safety no problems , then on the bike start it up and off round the yard , fine up until the narrow part (which is where i came off last week ) and i decided to panic. Things just went down hill from here , so in the end i went for an hours ride on the back of one of the instructors bikes ( i just love riding pillion(sp)) .I have now decided to stop learning until i can sort the stress out and feel calmer about it .Peter been away for 3 weeks has me pretty stressed.I am also away a lot of the weekends coming up , 2 weekend scrapbooking retreats and then a weeks holiday at half term ,THEN i will go back to the lessons .I WILL NOT LET IT BEAT ME .

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Still swapping

I just love the swapping world and have been doing some on the Gimme Your Stuff website. Fancy getting stuff from other countries , then pop over to the site and sign up. It's great fun. Here are a few pictures of stuff i have sent(the paperchase bag picture) and stuff i have recieved (the sweets and Olivia eating pasta from Italy)

But now i have found a new swapping site Swap Bot and i have just taken part in my 1st swap so im now waiting to see what turns up.I am also down to do a few more so i will let you know how i get on.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Vroom Vroom

Started my motorbike course yesterday , was so nervouse and i dont think i got over it all the time i was there .
Riding pillion is a breeze , where as driving it yourself is going to take me a while to master.But i am back next Saturday for another 3 hourse. I will get ther eventually , just seems so much to remember at the moment ...........BRAKE WITH YOUR RIGHT HAND 1ST ...........then brake with your right leg brake ..........NOW PULL IN THE CLUTCH WITH YOUR LEFT HAND ...........and put your left foot on the floor as you stop . BUT do it all at once ........................Vroom Vvroom