Monday, April 30, 2007

Little Things

Times run away with me again and it's been a couple of weeks since last posting .

Little things is the theme of this months Alter That Kit , which has now gone postal.Here are some pictures of the projects you can do with the kit .

Cyber crop weekend on Ukscrappers didn't go too well for me as i had fogotten the template for the house , so it could be down loaded.My class thread turned rather nasty and i felt i was not given i fair chance to sort out the situation .I did get it sorted and it only took 10 mins to do so , but some people are just plain nasty.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

OMG look at the date

OMG when was the last time i posted , well what have i been up to .
Had 2 weeks holiday and started my part time working from BT so that's a great 2 weeks
Holiday was fab , time in Nottingham seeing Elaine and Matt and the kids , then on to London for 6 day .The weather was soooooooo hot which just helped soooooo much to make it a lovely break
And then back to orders and orders and orders for UKScrappers Cyber Crop kit i have done for a class in the upcoming Alice In Wonderland Cyber Crop
Also needing putting together is this months ALTER THAT kit , so i'm a bit busy , but promise to update more on here .