Monday, April 30, 2007

Little Things

Times run away with me again and it's been a couple of weeks since last posting .

Little things is the theme of this months Alter That Kit , which has now gone postal.Here are some pictures of the projects you can do with the kit .

Cyber crop weekend on Ukscrappers didn't go too well for me as i had fogotten the template for the house , so it could be down loaded.My class thread turned rather nasty and i felt i was not given i fair chance to sort out the situation .I did get it sorted and it only took 10 mins to do so , but some people are just plain nasty.


annie (puddlepants) said...

The kit looks fab. I loved your class and was glad to see something 'altered' for a change. Ignore the rude comments, a little patience was all that was required by everyone.

Hysteri-CAL said...

Awwww sorry you got that experience from the crop Jean - I thought the class was fantastic !

Love the look of the new kit as well - can't wait to get my hands on it !

Jenni said...

Just wanted to echo what annie said. Your class was fab and although I haven't done it yet (and didn't get a kit!) I think I may give it a go soon as it looked fabby. And the rude comments were really uncalled for and I think it got sorted out well in the end. Hope it doesn't put you off doing more classes as I really loved it!

Heather said...

I thought your class looked fab and even though I did not get a kit I will be making this anyway. Kit looks amazing as always and I can't wait to see it :D
Many thanks Jean

Monika said...

I thought your class was ace. Some people are just picky. Don't take it badly.

vi0letta said...

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Psychodiva said...

I adored your class and I'm really sorry yo had to out up with some morons being nasty to you :( some people aren't worth taking any notice of ((hugs))