Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Money for Surveys

Yes you can get money for filling in surveys online and here is the link .There's no catch and i have had money from them , tested products and received vouchers for Pizza Hut etc .
Give it a go , if you don't like it unsubscribe .

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  • Had a terrible crafting night last night , had a go at making the tote bag , managed too sew 2 sides together only and then had loads of problems with cotton snapping , gave up on that ,then had a go with the dissolve stuff and some bit, broke a needle , gave up on that decided to cover my 6x6 album for Monday's class with black flock paper from paperchase , cut it all up only to find it is far to thick to cover it , gave up on that went and had a stiff drink , didn't give up on that .Don't know if i dare attempt anything tonight .Think i might have a go at doing some 6x6 pages or even some "inchies" how had can they be..........................

    Saturday, January 20, 2007

    More Gimme Your Stuff

    It's arrived another great parcel from another great Gimme Your Stuff swappie, took 4 weeks but well worth the wait and as you can see from the picture Olivia got stuck into the lollies straight away .Who could blame her with all that lovely candy. My husband enjoyed this parcel also as his favourite cakes were in Twinnkies. I sat down with the lovely magazine Krista had sent and some of the chocolate after having a real good look at all the stuff. Thanks Krista!

    Had a scrapbboking day at the community centre today , but had little "mojo" .I need to sort out some good pictures .Started a few layout and now all they need is a photo and a few odds"n"ends adding
    I do hope the little pink shrine and dominoe doll has arrived for Tree , it was a UkScrappers swap i arranged ,for sending 5 things to alter .I got a large match box , dominoes , paper , german scrap and metal round letter .Here's what i did with it .

    Monday, January 15, 2007

    This Saturdays Crop

    Tonight i have been busy and done the layout for the crop this Saturday The kit this month is My Minds Eye product The Best Of Friends range .It has in it 3 sheets of double sided patterned card , 2 fuzzy flowers , an overlay , title and pack of rub ons .Really like the layout I've done and the card is a lovely colour.

    I have also got round to taking some photo's of the case i decorated for Olivia .She believes Father Christmas made it , as she recieved it all wrappped up on christmas day with loads of little things individually wrapped inside. So dont tell her will you .........

    Wednesday, January 10, 2007

    Not To Well

    Getting better after a trip to the doctors and some tablets , but came home from work Monday not feeling or sounding very good at all .
    Going back tomorrow and my day off is Friday this week so one day will be ok.

    Gail popped round today so we did a bit of painting and made lots of background papers , so pleased with them , that one came in handy straight away for Jaine's CJ .Now it's finished and it will be in the post tommorrow for her .

    This CJ has been great with some great people taking part in it , looking forward to getting mine back.
    Have just finished about 5 mins ago making 8 ATC's for a swap , the theme been winter.

    Sunday, January 07, 2007

    Snoring AGAIN

    He's snoring AGAIN , so yet AGAIN i am up at 5am crafting .
    Every cloud has a silver lining as i am getting a lot of art work done .
    Today , sorry this morning , i have managed to do the back and front of the lastest CJ i have joined .My theme is dolls in an altered sort of way.

    Also on the production line this morning were 6 ATC made from the ATC kit swap i took part in last year on ukscrappers.Never got round to using them until this morning

    Thursday, January 04, 2007


    Well time flies so they say

    Been busy anyway , lots of new stamps arrived for the site ZETTIOLOGY and LOST COAST DESIGNS very nice , i feel i need these more than the site does

    Did my 5 suprise items challenge for the monday craft group , Jean gave me a buckle , canvas , buttons , purple paper ribbon and 2 peices of material .And this is what i did with it

    Also been busy doing some ATC's and a CJ entry , got my mojo back by the looks of things .Now i must sit down and design the project for the March kit which has a theme of Victorian .At least i have some ideas in my head .

    Next crop i have is on the 20th Jan and i have the kits all ready for that but i haven't done the layout for it yet , i'm hopeing to get that done tomorrow night as yet again it's in my head .Let hope i dont loose all these ideas.

    i have just signed up for another CJ on ukscrappers which yet again i have loads of ideas for and the theme i have chosen is dolls in an altered sort of way .