Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Well up at 5am , had a look out in the street and it seems we where the 1st up , so we had all presents from Santa opened by 7.30am
Both sets of parents where coming for dinner , so i had all the dinner to cook .
They all arrived together at 1pm and we sat down to eat at about 1.15pm , very nice , even if i say so myself.
What did i get , well from Peter i got a days outing to drive a Lamborghini as fast as i want around a racing track , VERY NICE (thanks honey)
Livvy bought me some lovely perfume and all the stuff to go with it .
Then lots of lovely smellies and sweeties , a book , a lovely handmade picture from Gail and other odd n ends

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Getting Nearer

So so busy , just getting it all sorted now .Yesterday i did find time to go to my local crop so that was good fun .It also gave me the time to make Mum and Dad's christmas card .We have bought them along with presents to open on christmas day some vouchers for the threatre and gardening so the card has little places that can hold these
Tomorrow is my crafting Monday and we are doing xmas trees will try and remember to take a photo and get it on here

Friday, December 08, 2006

tooooo long

Yes it's tooooo long since i last blogged , so here we are .
Today the January Alter That Kit was posted out , a little early but i didn't want any to go missing in the xmas poast , so fingers cross that doesn't happen.
Just booked a week in London at one of the caravan sites for the 2nd week of the Easter holidays next year , and with a bit of look our friends are going to join us with there 3 kids whilst we are there .Something to look forward to
I think we are going to atempt to go back to Holland in the caravan next summer so we will need to get that sorted .

Well since i last updated this i have been lucky enough to recieve 2 more swap parcels from the Gimme Your Stuff site , i am totally addicted.One was from singapore and the other america. There were some great thing in both parcels . It's a great way to get some wonderful things from differeny places.
I have another taking place from sweden which is just a candy/chocolate swap , so that will be nice to eat over the christmas holidays