Friday, December 08, 2006

tooooo long

Yes it's tooooo long since i last blogged , so here we are .
Today the January Alter That Kit was posted out , a little early but i didn't want any to go missing in the xmas poast , so fingers cross that doesn't happen.
Just booked a week in London at one of the caravan sites for the 2nd week of the Easter holidays next year , and with a bit of look our friends are going to join us with there 3 kids whilst we are there .Something to look forward to
I think we are going to atempt to go back to Holland in the caravan next summer so we will need to get that sorted .

Well since i last updated this i have been lucky enough to recieve 2 more swap parcels from the Gimme Your Stuff site , i am totally addicted.One was from singapore and the other america. There were some great thing in both parcels . It's a great way to get some wonderful things from differeny places.
I have another taking place from sweden which is just a candy/chocolate swap , so that will be nice to eat over the christmas holidays

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