Thursday, February 28, 2008

How's she doing

Im sure you are all wanting an update on how my doll is coming along , so here is the lastest picture . Im realy pleased with how she is looking and can not wait to have her finished . I think prabably two more sessions and she will be sitting pretty on my lounge bay window.
Then all i need to do is come up with another project , which with so many ideas in my head all the time , wont take long.
Just putting the finishing touches to the next Alter That kit and also trying to get upto date with the cj's im in at the moment, I promise to take photo's of them and get them on here for all to see.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Altered Bunny Swap

So this is what the cute version and pattern i bought look like.

And this is my version for an Altered Bunny Swap im hosting on UkScrappers , im sure it not quite what the designers of the original ever had in mind .

The doll is coming on fine and i shall upload pictures of her tomorrow for you all to see.
Off to Belfast on Thursday , which is Olivia's 8th Birthday , her and Pete are coming with me , so that's nice and we get a few days together there to do lots of sight seeing.
This week end was rather busy , with family and friends round Saturday afternoon/night celebrating Olivia's birthday. Then Sunday found use at Northallerton swimming baths with 20 other kids for her other Birthday party with her little friends. I think everyone had a great time , i know i did , i just love the wave machine they have there , didn't get to go down th ebig slide , toooooo busy with kids going up and down it .Olivia realy enjoyed herself.