Monday, February 18, 2008

Altered Bunny Swap

So this is what the cute version and pattern i bought look like.

And this is my version for an Altered Bunny Swap im hosting on UkScrappers , im sure it not quite what the designers of the original ever had in mind .

The doll is coming on fine and i shall upload pictures of her tomorrow for you all to see.
Off to Belfast on Thursday , which is Olivia's 8th Birthday , her and Pete are coming with me , so that's nice and we get a few days together there to do lots of sight seeing.
This week end was rather busy , with family and friends round Saturday afternoon/night celebrating Olivia's birthday. Then Sunday found use at Northallerton swimming baths with 20 other kids for her other Birthday party with her little friends. I think everyone had a great time , i know i did , i just love the wave machine they have there , didn't get to go down th ebig slide , toooooo busy with kids going up and down it .Olivia realy enjoyed herself.

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Monika said...

Love those bunnies. I keep missing great sewing swaps. :(