Sunday, July 29, 2007


Hit at 10 oclock last night , rather late but there you go. Started on a CJ I am in which needs doing and posting to Cherry , Just finished it , here it is .
So i thought with all these ideas going on i'll get loads done , not to be i had left my paper trimmer at Gail's and my other one is now living in the caravan.
Anyway poped round this morning and picked it up alongf with some lovely stamps we had ordered from USA and had arrived yesterday.
So this afternoon Olivia has a friend over to play and im playing with bit's of paper creating .

Monday, July 23, 2007

Nat's Tag

So Nat tagged me and now i have time to do it , so here goes nothing
I need to share 7 facts about you realy want to know 7 facts about me ....... i doubt it LOL


1) 7 operations on my knees starting when I was 17 years old , last one when I was 22 year old .I now have a carbon pad in each ,made by Vauxhall and used on Concord also.And we all know what happened to that ........

2) I went to Russia by myself when I was 18 for a weeks holiday ..... FAB

3) I was a Girl Guide and then an Adult Girl Guide leader up until I was pregnant with Olivia.

4) Was also a Samaritan for 6 year again up until I was pregnant with Olivia.

5) I am a telephone engineer for BT for the last 10 years and climb telegraph poles (well not so many these days)

6) I dont like mobile phones and would not have one if it wasn't for work.

7) I love my job as an engineer and a union activist

Thanks for the tag Nat ,

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tagged again

OK Nat you've tagged me just realised , so i promise that i will get round to doing it this week and then pass on.
Off to Alvescot tomorrow tutoring for the week.Equality with just a class of 12 so not too bad and i hope to get an essay written whilst im there .
Olivia's temp has come down but she's still not eating , no more sick so that's good .But it turns out that Mark's partners 2 kids have CHICKEN POX and Olivia's symptoms look very like the start . So we will just have to keep an eyey out for spots

Thursday, July 12, 2007

What i started in Holland

Thought it was about time i uploaded things i started making in Holland at Scrapaganza and have now finished .
So today it's the Rusty Pickles Journal that's done and dusted .Realy liked this class was a double one , only draw back was the speed it was done at , which was super fast , even i got stressed at the time .
Pleased with the way it turned out and i no longer have it as it made a lovely present for a 50th wedding aniversary

Friday, July 06, 2007

Dollie beads

I dont have one yet but hope tio get one in the near future and start collecting these great beads.However in the mean time i wanted to let people see these new ones that Jaq has made this week she is hoping to raise money for the eve appeal, which raises funds for gynaecological cancer research. It's an appeal close to her heart, so she has made some very special dollies in teal green, the colour associated with ovarian cancer. 10% of all sales over the next week will be donated to the eve appeal.
Also in the coming months there will be future Awareness Beads for other charities too. Here is a link to her site