Monday, July 23, 2007

Nat's Tag

So Nat tagged me and now i have time to do it , so here goes nothing
I need to share 7 facts about you realy want to know 7 facts about me ....... i doubt it LOL


1) 7 operations on my knees starting when I was 17 years old , last one when I was 22 year old .I now have a carbon pad in each ,made by Vauxhall and used on Concord also.And we all know what happened to that ........

2) I went to Russia by myself when I was 18 for a weeks holiday ..... FAB

3) I was a Girl Guide and then an Adult Girl Guide leader up until I was pregnant with Olivia.

4) Was also a Samaritan for 6 year again up until I was pregnant with Olivia.

5) I am a telephone engineer for BT for the last 10 years and climb telegraph poles (well not so many these days)

6) I dont like mobile phones and would not have one if it wasn't for work.

7) I love my job as an engineer and a union activist

Thanks for the tag Nat ,


Natty said...

Eee Jean, you and your bionic knees! LOL

Monika said...

thanks for sharing. I feel like I knowyou a little bit better now :)