Friday, July 06, 2007

Dollie beads

I dont have one yet but hope tio get one in the near future and start collecting these great beads.However in the mean time i wanted to let people see these new ones that Jaq has made this week she is hoping to raise money for the eve appeal, which raises funds for gynaecological cancer research. It's an appeal close to her heart, so she has made some very special dollies in teal green, the colour associated with ovarian cancer. 10% of all sales over the next week will be donated to the eve appeal.
Also in the coming months there will be future Awareness Beads for other charities too. Here is a link to her site

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Marlou said...

They are indeed great beads, I collect them and mango beads {buddies} love it get so excited when new one arrives in post :)