Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Well up at 5am , had a look out in the street and it seems we where the 1st up , so we had all presents from Santa opened by 7.30am
Both sets of parents where coming for dinner , so i had all the dinner to cook .
They all arrived together at 1pm and we sat down to eat at about 1.15pm , very nice , even if i say so myself.
What did i get , well from Peter i got a days outing to drive a Lamborghini as fast as i want around a racing track , VERY NICE (thanks honey)
Livvy bought me some lovely perfume and all the stuff to go with it .
Then lots of lovely smellies and sweeties , a book , a lovely handmade picture from Gail and other odd n ends

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Getting Nearer

So so busy , just getting it all sorted now .Yesterday i did find time to go to my local crop so that was good fun .It also gave me the time to make Mum and Dad's christmas card .We have bought them along with presents to open on christmas day some vouchers for the threatre and gardening so the card has little places that can hold these
Tomorrow is my crafting Monday and we are doing xmas trees will try and remember to take a photo and get it on here

Friday, December 08, 2006

tooooo long

Yes it's tooooo long since i last blogged , so here we are .
Today the January Alter That Kit was posted out , a little early but i didn't want any to go missing in the xmas poast , so fingers cross that doesn't happen.
Just booked a week in London at one of the caravan sites for the 2nd week of the Easter holidays next year , and with a bit of look our friends are going to join us with there 3 kids whilst we are there .Something to look forward to
I think we are going to atempt to go back to Holland in the caravan next summer so we will need to get that sorted .

Well since i last updated this i have been lucky enough to recieve 2 more swap parcels from the Gimme Your Stuff site , i am totally addicted.One was from singapore and the other america. There were some great thing in both parcels . It's a great way to get some wonderful things from differeny places.
I have another taking place from sweden which is just a candy/chocolate swap , so that will be nice to eat over the christmas holidays

Sunday, November 19, 2006


So i get back from a weeks tutoring down at out Alvescot Lodge (our's i mean the CWU's) to recieve a message for me to go to Liverpool and the Union Learning Rep event for 3 days .So guess where im off to tomorrow
Just enough time over the weekend to spend time with the family , go to a crop and re pack
O and to upload the next ALTER THAT kit .

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Please Welcome Puss in Boots

So here are the 1st photo's of Puss in Boots .We found out Saturday that Boots is a little boy and he had his 1st injections .Not to bothered by it , so that's good as he needs another one in three weeks time.He is a Manx cat so has no tail , which is a bit strange as i am use to my cats having tails .Doesn't seem to bother him.

Had a very productive day at the crop yesterday with 4 layouts for Sue's wedding album done AND the crop kit one also .

Olivia spent the night at Sue's , so Peter and I took advantage and went to see The Rocky Horror Show at Darlington .Great show and some great audience participation .We then went over to Middlesbrough and had tapas at the new tapas bar on Borough Road .Very nice.

Off to Oxford tomorrow to do some tutoring for the week , so no crafting unless i pack a little something to stop me getting board on a night .

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Olivia and I went to see Chloe last night , we were told that she was not going to get any better so the decision was made .We told Olivia a little white lie in that she had died during the night .She then said after hearing this that her spirit would now be in heaven and she would have no more pain (wise words from a 6 year old) I think the kitten is helping her (and me),just couldn't have a cat free home.
IT now has a name Puss in Boots , Olivia's choice and we can call it Boots but if its naughty we have to call it Puss in Boots.

Monday, November 06, 2006

It's out

Yes my little BT van is unstuck and recovered .They had to use a tractor to do it but apart from all the mud it looks ok .They are taking it to our transport depatment today to check it out .
Glad that's sorted .
Bit of good news is that we went and picked up a 12 week old black and white manx kitten yesterday afternoon .Olivia had gone out to a party for the afternoon so without her knowing anything about it we went and picked it up .She is so pleased with it but does not know what to call it .
Chloe is still at the vets and we are going tonight to see her but there is no improvement , so i am going to have to deside what to do tonight .

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Ive only gone and got the BT van stuck.
What a weekend . Was at work Saturday and decided as it was quite in the office i would go and do some engineering. So off i went in my BT van .At about 5pm i was on my way to Glaisdale Telephone Exchange on the North Yorkshire moors and i only ended up down a very narrow road which turned out to be very very muddy one also .Tried to find somewhere to turn round but ended up getting stuck in the mud .It's now very dark and my mobile phone is flat .I ended up walking to the nearest farm for help .Needless to say i arrived home Saturday night at 9.30pm minus a van. YES, it's still stuck there ...........

Thursday, November 02, 2006

No tail and still probems

Well they amputated chloe's tail before we went on holiday and she was not happy , would you be ?????
She pined for us the whole week and today i was back to the vets with her for another operation as she is unable to empty her bowels , if they dont start working soon she will have to spend a week at the vets to be monitored and emptied .Then if it's still no go she wont becoming home with us as it would not be fair on her.She's 15 years old now and it's 2 years since we lost Charlie at the age of 16 .So all fingers and toes crossed that she start going tonight or tomorrow

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Holiday Over

Back from Holiday , not a great time but a break , as I ended up in hospital the first night there at 2am for 4 hours . A&E on a Saturday night "very entertaining".Ok so why was i there "mega tooth ache" ended up with 2 lots of antibiotics and STRONG pain killers .
Lots of little villages in the cotwolds were visited , and a little xmas shopping done , weather could have been better , but it was October and England.

Just before the holiday my wonderfull parcel from the GIMME YOUR STUFF swap arrived .Lots and lots of lovely goodies from the good old US of A.
Here is Olivia holding it all .

Great site glad Gillie told me about it .I am taking part in another 2 at the moment one from USA and the other Singapore , it's like xmas when a suprise box arrives.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Busy week

Been a busy week , London with work for a couple of days then home to find that Cloe my 15 year old cat has gone missing .
She finally turned up Saturday not looking very good so i took her to the vets .Only to find out that her tail is broken and she will need to have it amputed sometime this week .
So today i might get round to doing some scrapping .I need to get finished the crop kit for next Saturday .It's useing the Cosmic Cricket Love range , very nice .Should get a picture of it on here today .

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Novembers Alter That Kit

At last it's on the site only 4 left so that's good going .I also need to find a whole day to get the rest of the stuff on the site , so i have no idea when that will happen .
Getting packed for our second outing in the new caravan .Peter has a SWATCH event in Edinburgh for the weekend so he is taking the caravan along for me and Olivia .
A weekend in Edinburgh for me and Olivia , we'll have a great time.

Monday, October 02, 2006

suprise party

So Mum has turned 70 today so we had a little suprise birthday tea for her yesterday .Even though she is still not very well she had a good time and enjoyed herself.
Doing a weeks tutoring for the CWU this week just local , so that's nice and also meant that i didn't have to travel down to Oxford .
Nearly finished putting together the project for the November Alter That Kit , so that should get uploaded to the website tomorrow.

Friday, September 29, 2006

It's done

At last i've finished the picture for Mum , she turning 70 on Monday .She doesn't like parties so i desided to do a nice tea for her on Sunday .I've asked my aunt and uncle along with mum and dads close friends to come also .Mum does not know they are coming so should be a nice suprise.
So i thought instead of a card I would make a picture with some photo's of her through the years and I have just finished it .
Tonight I need to sit down with the recipe books and plan the birthday tea , I havn't time to do the cake so have paid for one to be made with a ball of wool and a pair of knitting needles on it .

Also had a reply to the gimme your stuff website so I am now in the process of putting a suprise box together to send over to America.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New to this

OK i have had a tidy out and im now ready to start swapping again , so drop me an line (23rd april 2008)

Well ive taken the plunge and started a blog , how i will keep it updated i just dont know .
But im sure it will be fun .
Think i might set a night a week a side and update , sounds like a good idea , will it work , we will see
So starting tonight .............................
Been busy today and signed up to a great website called gimmeyourstuff , swapping stuff with like minded people from all over the world. Will let you know how i get on .

Things i can send

* local/regional foodstuffs - candy,cakes ,sweets etc.
* local/regional souveniers
* things i've made
* craft supplies
* magazines
* anything english
* anything you would like , just name it

I would love to recieve

* local candy/snacks
* local handicrafts
* craft supplies
* things you've made
* craft/food magaziness
* postcards and thing from where you live
* Childresns books in english