Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Holiday Over

Back from Holiday , not a great time but a break , as I ended up in hospital the first night there at 2am for 4 hours . A&E on a Saturday night "very entertaining".Ok so why was i there "mega tooth ache" ended up with 2 lots of antibiotics and STRONG pain killers .
Lots of little villages in the cotwolds were visited , and a little xmas shopping done , weather could have been better , but it was October and England.

Just before the holiday my wonderfull parcel from the GIMME YOUR STUFF swap arrived .Lots and lots of lovely goodies from the good old US of A.
Here is Olivia holding it all .

Great site glad Gillie told me about it .I am taking part in another 2 at the moment one from USA and the other Singapore , it's like xmas when a suprise box arrives.

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