Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Well up at 5am , had a look out in the street and it seems we where the 1st up , so we had all presents from Santa opened by 7.30am
Both sets of parents where coming for dinner , so i had all the dinner to cook .
They all arrived together at 1pm and we sat down to eat at about 1.15pm , very nice , even if i say so myself.
What did i get , well from Peter i got a days outing to drive a Lamborghini as fast as i want around a racing track , VERY NICE (thanks honey)
Livvy bought me some lovely perfume and all the stuff to go with it .
Then lots of lovely smellies and sweeties , a book , a lovely handmade picture from Gail and other odd n ends


salvagesistas said...

hello Jean,

yeah i would love to swap with you. maybe you can email me at sheanerd@gmail.com and we can discuss further via email. ;) hope to hear from you soon.


Darcy said...

Hi Jean, glad you had a good xmas I hope New Year was just as good, see you soon.