Saturday, January 20, 2007

More Gimme Your Stuff

It's arrived another great parcel from another great Gimme Your Stuff swappie, took 4 weeks but well worth the wait and as you can see from the picture Olivia got stuck into the lollies straight away .Who could blame her with all that lovely candy. My husband enjoyed this parcel also as his favourite cakes were in Twinnkies. I sat down with the lovely magazine Krista had sent and some of the chocolate after having a real good look at all the stuff. Thanks Krista!

Had a scrapbboking day at the community centre today , but had little "mojo" .I need to sort out some good pictures .Started a few layout and now all they need is a photo and a few odds"n"ends adding
I do hope the little pink shrine and dominoe doll has arrived for Tree , it was a UkScrappers swap i arranged ,for sending 5 things to alter .I got a large match box , dominoes , paper , german scrap and metal round letter .Here's what i did with it .

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valerie said...

love the domino doll whta a fantastic idea you have given me some inspiration for the things I can send

Val aka dotty_dotty