Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Money for Surveys

Yes you can get money for filling in surveys online and here is the link .There's no catch and i have had money from them , tested products and received vouchers for Pizza Hut etc .
Give it a go , if you don't like it unsubscribe .

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  • Had a terrible crafting night last night , had a go at making the tote bag , managed too sew 2 sides together only and then had loads of problems with cotton snapping , gave up on that ,then had a go with the dissolve stuff and some bit, broke a needle , gave up on that decided to cover my 6x6 album for Monday's class with black flock paper from paperchase , cut it all up only to find it is far to thick to cover it , gave up on that went and had a stiff drink , didn't give up on that .Don't know if i dare attempt anything tonight .Think i might have a go at doing some 6x6 pages or even some "inchies" how had can they be..........................

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