Saturday, May 12, 2007

Noni Bags

Yes i've picked up my old knitting needles and made myself a lovely Noni bag.It's black and going to have a black and white set of handles with a black and white feather trimmed top. Well i say made it's knitted and felted and now all it needs is the lining , trim and handles added. So Hannah has kindly offered to do the lining for me , im not good with the sewing machine .In exchange im going to knit her a nice pink Noni bag.Well with that one knit i desided to do another one different style and colour , browns and creams this time.That's now knit so im starting another tonight whilst i watch The EuroVision Song Contest.Olivia has never seen it and wants to so we are going to get a take away , put on outr PJ's and have a laugh. This is not Noni bag but a different make very fluffy and sparkly this one. Keep watching as pictures will come soon.

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Natty said...

wow great choice Jean - my noni dream bag is on hold for now... I've taken a break from knitting furiously and reacquainted myself with my stash - shock horror!

But I am still after the nice pearly lime green handles for my "in the sculpture garden" bag, can't seem to find them and I will not be happy unless they are the lime green ones... might find some in Florida eh?