Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The bike lessons

So im sure you all want to know how i am getting on. Well a couple of words will sum it up , lets start with CRAP , totally SHIT , and STRESSED.
The 1st lesson great up until the last 15 mins and i came off , sorry i PANICED and came of .So this week i had talked to myself and thought everything would be ok .Got there and went through safety no problems , then on the bike start it up and off round the yard , fine up until the narrow part (which is where i came off last week ) and i decided to panic. Things just went down hill from here , so in the end i went for an hours ride on the back of one of the instructors bikes ( i just love riding pillion(sp)) .I have now decided to stop learning until i can sort the stress out and feel calmer about it .Peter been away for 3 weeks has me pretty stressed.I am also away a lot of the weekends coming up , 2 weekend scrapbooking retreats and then a weeks holiday at half term ,THEN i will go back to the lessons .I WILL NOT LET IT BEAT ME .


Alison G said...

Keep going Jean - CBT is a nightmare but really worth it! Good luck.

Stephanie said...

Which part of England do you live?
My parents live in London.
I also signed up for swap bot such as the Rubber stamp swap.
I like your blogger site.
Stephanie (solarts)

Stephanie said...

MIDDLESBROUGH, UNITED KINGDOM. I finally read it on your site.
Where is that anyway?