Monday, September 15, 2008

Away from home

When im away from home i like to be able to still do a bit of glueing and sticking. Last xmas a friend bought me a 2 foot wooden skeleton to make , but not only did i have to make it she wanted me to cover the pieces in paper first and then make it.
She bought herself a little owl to do and thought a 2 foot one would be great for me. So he is started and i am now taking him with me when im away from home working for a week or more. I have no idea what hotel staff must think

I have used Basic Grey Black Tie on him and think it works rather well. Just hope i have enough of the paper to finish him as there is rather a lot of him still to do.
(so if anyone looking has any odd"n"ends of Basic Grey Black Tie i would be gratefull , just drop me a line)
will post updates of him from time to time and i will have to give him a name at some point.


Darcy said...

mwhahaha! you get all the best jobs LOL he will look great when he's done though. I shall bring my spider next time we glue n stick.

lyzzydee said...

He looks very regal!!

GlitteryKatie said...

*chortles* he's looking good can't wait to see the finished article!!

Andrea said...

flippin heck Jean!! Does he travel in the front seat of your car too? She has a lot to answer to :lol: