Monday, January 09, 2012

1st Friday 2012

I do wonder how long it will last , this blogging lol . But here we go. First Friday and I have taken my photo's. One was of Liv going to school, as I dont work Monday or Fridays (well im not suposed to ) I watch Liv from the doorstep meet her friend Izzy on the corner of the street and walk to school. that's one of the 1st things I do every Friday.

The first picture is of the scrapping stuff I have bought to do this year long project. It's Simple Stories papers , looking forward now to making a start.

This other photo is of my craft room , it's a double size bedroom and when the photo was taken on Friday there was a narrow footway to my desk. I have doen a little tidying since and now it's a litte wider footway to the desk lol.

But it was wide enough to get there and do a little messing around .

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Carmen said...

Hi Jean, I hope you don't mind me contacting you through here. I got a suspicious looking email from the shop email which only contained a link (I didn't click it) I didn't reply to you on that email in case you don't get it but tried to contact you through the shop contact form and it's not recognising any of the verification codes. Just wanted to let you know x