Monday, November 08, 2010

2nd day of conference

2nd day of conference and we moved on to the last 2 motions .The first one was about The Global Financial Crisis and it's Impact on Women and the second on the Use of Women as Weapons of War. Again some great contributions from women from all over the world sharing there experiences and feelings.
Bento box for luch today was like getting all the soft centres in the chocolate box (i like soft centres lol) After eating this lovely lunch we went and watched a tea ceremony , this was very nice and we then had some of the green tea and cake.
In the afternoon we had 4 ladies from Japan telling us about Gender Equality in Japanese Trade Unions and Society.
Then came the close of this 3rd conference , the next UNI Women's World Conference will be held in Cape Town.

Monday - today was a day off , so we went shopping , but didn't buy much as things are soooo very expensive. This afternoon I went on one of the trips to do some Japanese cooking. I made traditional cake and champon soup , another local dish. We then went in to China town for tea.

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