Saturday, November 06, 2010

UNI Women's Conference , Japan and me

Yes im here in Japan .It took quite a journey to get here. I set off from home at 4.30pm Wednesday to fly Newcastle to London . Then Thursday moring it was 11.25am flight to Hong Kong (12hour flight) , Hong Kong to Tokyo (4 hours), Tokyo to Nagasaki (2hours). To finally arrive at 7.30pm Friday in my hotel .The lovely Hotel New Nagasaki. And you know your in Japan when everytime you sit on the toilet the seat is lovely and warm.
Went out for a quite bite and then it was to bed. Up at 7am today and off to the 1st day of the UNI Women's Confernce. This is a 2 day conference. So I will try and update everyday on here.

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