Sunday, November 07, 2010

Bento boxes and more

Yesterday was the first day of the 3rd UNI World Womens Conference. It was opened by japanese school children playing to songs on bells. We then had opening speeches from Takaaki Sakurada chairperson of the UNI Liaison Council Japan , followed by Naomi Okamoto vice president of the Japanese Trade Union Confederation (Rengo). Plus a few others.
This conference has unions from 66 countries in the postal , telecoms , finance and media industries. 116 trade unions had sent women to this even . 181 delegates , 72 observers and 188 guests. It runs for 2 days.
When we broke for lunch I had my first experience of a japanese Bento Box. For me to sum up a bento box all i can say is that it is like a box of chololates , somethings you love and somethings you dont lol.
In the afternoon we moved on to the motions.The 1st one was about Strategic Priorities UNI Equal Opportunities Interprofessional Group and the 2nd one was about Migration and Traffickimg of Women. Both had very interesting speakers from around the world taking part in the debate. Both of these motions were adopted by conference.
We then attended the reception event for about an hour and then came back to the hotel as we are all feeling pretty jetlagged.
Last nights dinner was an indian lol

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lyzzydee said...

Good for you Jean, I am very jealous, the furthest I have managed with the Union is Bournemouth, Brighton and Harrogate!!